Our Key Values

Our network has a set of values that we use to shape everything we do. We want every action we take as a network to line up with these 6 key principles.

Risk-Taking Faith

We want to do things that are only possible with God – so that He gets the glory.

Spirit-Led Living

We want to abide in God’s word and be led by the Holy Spirit in everything we do.

Team Church Planting

We want to link arms as the body of Christ and send teams to start new churches – together.

Disciple-Making Culture

We want to invest in believers and equip them to make disciples as well so that multiplication comes naturally.

Servant Leadership

We want to follow the example of Jesus Christ as we model a service-minded lifestyle in our leadership.

Loving Community

We want to be known in our communities as loving, caring, and compassionate as we meet real needs.













See our Values in Action